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  1. Put in Fridge Deforest at Least 12 hours 放雪櫃解凍最少12小時
  2. Keep in Room Temperature at Least 10 Minutes 放於室溫最少10分鈕
  3. Preheat the Oven to 210`c 預熱焗爐至210度
  4. Brush with Egg Wash of the Puff Pastry Surface 將已發打的蛋黃塗在酥皮上
  5. Put on Baking Paper and Put it into the Oven 放至上烘焙紙上入焗爐
  • Rare (15-17 Minutes) 一成熟 (15-17分鐘)
  • Medium (20-22 Minutes) 五成熟 (20-22分鐘)
  • Well done (25-27 Minutes)全熟 (25-27分鐘) 

Beef Wellington (260g)

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