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Established in 1963, Heep Hong Society is one of the longest-standing educationand rehabilitation organisations in Hong Kong committed to helping children andyouth of special educational needs (SEN). With Heep Hong’s mission of maximizingpotential , empowering families and facilitating inclusion, more than 15,000families are served every year. 


The Lolli Chocolate gift box set contains four flavors: Weiss 67% Dark Chocolate, Weiss 85% Dark chocolate, Yuzu Lemon & Strawberry. HKD7 per each stick of Lolli Chocolate from the sales will be donated to benefit the Heep Hong Society’s diverse services and facilities. HKD 288 per box – 8 sticks each box


協康會創立於1963年,是香港歷史最悠久的兒童教育及康復機構之一,每年服務超過15,000個家庭,致力幫助不同能力的有特殊學習需要 (SEN) 兒童及青年盡展潛能,提升家庭能量,共同締造平等融和的社會。 


Lolli Chocolate慈善禮盒包含四種口味:Weiss 67%黑巧克力,Weiss 85%黑巧克力,柚子檸檬和草莓。義賣收益(每支港幣7元) 將直接撥捐協康會,致力服務有特殊需要的兒童及青少年,協助他們建立積極人生。 每盒288港元 - 1盒8支 Free delivery when purchase 3 boxes or more 購買三盒或以上,免運輸費




Lolli Chocolate

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