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  1.  Pre heat cook pot, heat the oil and get colour of the chicken skin, then cut it piece 在鍋預熱加入油,把雞皮煎至上色, 切件

  2.  Add the sauce to cook pot bring to boil seasoning to the tast ​​​​​​​將忌廉汁加至鍋中待滾起後放入雞件調味
  3. Then add the chicken inside and cover the lid for few minutes 熄火蓋上鍋蓋待數分鐘即可享用
  4. Before serve add chervil & chive on top 撒上英芫茜和法蔥即可享用

Sous Vide Chicken, Morel Cream Sauce (2 pax portion)

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