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2 pax portion



Tom Yum Kung 冬蔭公

  1. Put the Soup in Pot 將湯包放入煲中
  2. Use Medium heat 4-5 Minutes 中火加熱4-5分鐘至滾起
  3. Put the Shrimp into the Soup and Cook 放蝦至湯中煮熟

Thai Green Papaya Salad 泰式青木瓜沙律 120g



Thai Green Curry Chicken 泰式青咖喱雞 350g

  1. Put the Vacuum Pack in the Hot Water 將真空袋放入滾水中
  2. Soak 10-15 Minutes 浸約10-15分鐘

Thai Style Steamed Fish 泰式明爐魚 1 pc

  1. Fish Steamed 8 Minutes 魚蒸八分鐘
  2. Bring the Soup to Boil 把湯料加熱
  3. Put the Fish on Pot add the Soup  將魚放在爐上加入湯料
  4. Bring it to Boil 滾後便可食用



Mango Sticky Rice 芒果糯米飯

Thai Style Set (2 pax)

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