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2 pax portion



Onion Soup 洋蔥湯

  1. Put the Vacuum Pack in the Hot Water 將真空袋湯包放入滾水中
  2. Soak 10 -15 Minutes 浸約10-15分鐘



Beef Wellington 威靈頓牛柳 260g

  1. Put in Fridge Deforest at Least 12 hours 放至雪櫃解凍最少12小時
  2. Keep in Room Temperature at Least 10 Minutes 放至雪櫃解凍最少12小時
  3. Preheat the Oven to 210`c 預熱焗爐至210度
  4. Brush with Egg Wash of the Puff Pastry Surface 將已發打的蛋黃塗在酥皮上
  5. Put on Baking Paper and Put it into the Oven 放至烘焙紙上入焗爐
  • Rare (15-17 Minutes) 一成熟 (15-17分鐘)
  • Medium (20-22 Minutes) 五成熟 (20-22分鐘)
  • Well done (25-27 Minutes) 全熟 (25-27分鐘)

Beef Brisket with Red Wine Sauce 紅酒燴牛腩 280-300g

  1. Put the Vacuum Pack in the Hot Water 將真空袋放入滾水中
  2. Soak 25-30 Minutes 浸約25-30分鐘



Napoleon Cake 拿破崙蛋糕



Beef Wellington Set (2 pax)

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